Guest Application

Anyone who meets the performance criteria set out below can apply to be a guest at a BAL match.

Athletes who are members of BAL clubs must apply through their BAL team manager. Athletes who belong to non-BAL clubs must apply using the application form on the website.

Whichever route is applicable, requests must be received by the Promotions Officer, Steve Garrett, ( by noon on the Sunday before the match.

The Promotions Officer will then decide who is to be invited and will advise the team managers (for athletes in BAL clubs) and the athlete directly by email as soon as possible thereafter. The names of those invited will be put on the BAL website and notified to the meeting organisers. In making his decision the Promotions Officer will pay particular attention to the performances of those seeking places.

Only athletes whose name is on that list will be able to take part as a guest.

Whilst the BAL will try and accommodate as many guests as it can who meet the performance criteria it does not undertake to invite as guests everyone who applies. Track athletes in laned events will appreciate that the BAL must assume that all eight clubs at an eight club fixture will have both A and B string competitors in all laned events.


Non-scoring events are open ONLY to members of BAL clubs competing at that meeting.

From 2017 there will be up to four 100m non-scoring events and one 200m non-scoring event and one 400m non-scoring event at all matches. The 100m will be before the start of the programme and the 200m and 400m will be immediately after the last scoring 200m and 400m respectively.

Competing clubs may nominate as of right up to four 100m competitors and one each 200m and 400m competitor for the non-scoring races. If they have further athletes who want to compete in the 200m and 400m non-scoring races, they may be put on a waiting list which will close at the start of the track timetable and the divisional secretary or the meeting manager will use that list to fill up any vacant spaces fairly. It will not necessarily be on a first come first served basis.

Divisional Secretaries and meeting organisers are asked to check how many athletes apply for the non-scoring events so we can be certain that they are meeting a need.


The following parts of the decision of F&GP from 2008 remain effective:

1. If a promoting club wanted to include an additional race in the timetable it must give notice to all the other clubs in the division plus the Divisional Secretary, the Promotions Officer and the Officials Secretary at least two weeks before the match. Members of all the clubs in the division are eligible to take part in such an event. The list of competitors closes one week before the match. In the event that the list is oversubscribed, the Promotions Officer shall determine who can take part.

2. Visiting clubs cannot promote additional races at away venues although they can ask the promoting club to do so.

3. A promoting club that wished to include events for athletes outside the BAL (eg for schools or disability groups) must give notice to the Divisional Secretary the Promotions Officer and the Officials Secretary at least two weeks before the match. Participation in such events do not have to be offered to members of other clubs in the division but the promoting club may do so if they so wish.

EventPremiershipDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision Four
Long jump6.966.846.516.356.35
Triple Jump14.2213.9213.1413.0312.54
Pole Vault4.84.43.633.633.23
High Jump2.11.951.831.831.8